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Terms of service or for short TOS is a agreement between and the user of a product or service. We may reference SturzeHosting to "Sturze", "us", "we" and "our" which all refers to the company. By using a product / service of Sturze you are bound to agree to our TOS if you wish to not agree to them you will not be able to run a service with us. Sturze reserves the right to edit this TOS when they wish and it is up to the user to update them self with it. By using a service with us and agreeing to our TOS you also agree to our Privacy Policy. All of the below is based on the United Kingdom jurisdiction and you agree to them regardless of your country.


1. By purchasing a service / product with Sturze you agree that you are over the age of 13 or have evidence of parental consent. 2. We Reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account without notice if you are found guilty of disobeying our TOS Or Privacy Policy if you fail to follow these instructions. refunds won't be given to those who violate our terms.

Account Details

1. Customers of Sturze are required to use accurate details for there accounts so we can contact them. failure to do that may result in a termination of your account or service without notice. 2. Correct details for accounts is also needed to setup your service / product. Sturze will not give free days if you put wrong info in and dont recieve your product / service instantly


1. Sturze may only offer refunds if the service is under 24 hours old. If Sturze finds the service is older then this there will not be a refund. 2. Sturze will not refund people who forgot to cancel there auto pay subscription. It is up to the user to cancel this after they cancel there service. 3. Some Products may not be supported or eligible for refunds please refer to 3A for more info. 3a. Dedicated Servers are not eligible for refunds.


1. Any chargeback, dispute, or claim filed against us will result in immediate action and termination of all your current products and/or services associated to the customers account.

Data Loss

1. We may incorporate multiple features such as RAID and proactive disk monitoring to mitigate the risk of data loss on our products and/or services. However, you are ultimately responsible for your data stored on our products and/or services. We shall not be held responsible for any data loss, regardless of the cause.


1. Sturze does not stand any verbal abuse from users. If found to be doing this Sturze has the right to terminate or suspend your services with us.

Dedicated Servers

1. By dedicated server "Sturze" is referring to giving the machine to one user and one user only. Please not that some machines may be counted as hybrids meaning there will be more then one user but we assure quality is still met. Thirdly please not that a very small percentage of the machine power will be used to power backend features for it.

Network Abuse

1. Our network provides 1Gbit connection down but if its proven that your machine is contently using the maximum amount of bandwidth we can give we will automatically flag it as fraudulent and you will receive a email regarding the issue. If caught DDOSing (Denial of service attack) using our network your service will be instantly suspended until you can provide the required information onto why this is happening. You will have 72 hours to respond to that message before we terminate your service.

Network Speed

1. Network speed may range from time to time but you can expect to have around 1gbit at most times. In the rare case the network is busy or experiencing issues we can only guarantee 100Mbit connections

Affiliate Links

1. If a potential client presses your affiliate link then you are guaranteed a certain percentage of there spending's, Unless they fall into any of the following category's. 2. The user who pressed the link does not want you to receive the percentage. 3. You were asked not to by Sturze its self.


1. Doing any sort of activities that may relate or be on edge or similar to our terms of service will be counted as breaking them. A example of this may be eg : Installing dependency's for DDOS related activities, Installing programs for pornographic content or other related content.

Illicit Or Illegal Programs

1. Holding any sort of illegal content or illicit programs or files that resemble or act in a way that we deem illegal under United Kingdom jurisdictions will result in a suspension or termination of your service immediately.

Social Media Support

1. Our support platforms such as "Twitter" , "Discord" , "Facebook" are mainly for social chatting any are not to be used for financial support or any system support. We offer a 24/7 phone line in which users can access. Exception for discord : The social media platform discord is to be used for light ticket support and social talking or chatting.

Phone Line Support

1. We offer phone line support 24/7 although there may be a wait time which users may expect or receive. 2. Any abuse said or messaged to staff is not excepted and will result in a investigation, suspension or termination of your services. You may also get banned from the site, phone line & social discord platform

Terms Of Service Updates

1. We will regurely update the terms of service and it is up to you (the end consumer or user) of going to the sites TOS (Terms of service) section to update yourself on it.